Today, I surfed internet for better option for video chatting other than OpenTok. I found alternatives like Dialogoo. But this app does not gives facility to video recording, video archiving. And these facilities are available in OpenTok.


Finally I upload webpage for video chatting. But its not working. Because Its requirements are not fulfilled by user’s system. For that I have found solution i.e. installation of webcam studio on LINUX system to work well with OpenTok.


Today’s task is to run video chat app. on experimental. Navdeep created account for me on experimental. After getting my account, I’m learning how to use that. I have learnt about how to use ssh and upload file on experimental.


Yesterday’s problem was solved and I also implemented that and its working. I feel good. After that i have tried to access my page on localhost. In college its not working but at home its work well.