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DAILY DIARY (Feb, 2013)

DD(6 months Industrial Training)

February, 2013


Today, Inder has completed the BaKaPlan’s landing page and also layout for rest of pages. Then, in evening I uploaded current code on server also. I also did some changes in User guide, Documentation, and edited Wiki of bakaplan on github.


Today was started with Jasleen’s Presentation, She did nice work in her six months training. Then I show my work of last week about BaKa Plan Project. Then Sir and other members suggest some changes to do.


Today, Sir told me to create 5th strategy – Serpentine for seating plan. I have done that before time. After that I did some changes in header of bakaplan.


Today, I have made user guide for console mode. So that if array size increases then Seating Plan will be generated from that. Also added demo input files for console. Also added code for displaying totals students
in room. I also made road map for BakaPlan as below.

Following features that I will include in Version 1.0

1) Database Connectivity and input fields validation (V 0.6)
2) Report generation – o/p format (V 0.7)
3) Website Layout (V 0.8)
4) User and Developer’s Documentation (V 0.9)


Today, I gave names to strategy with the help of Inder. There are 5 strategies ie Cushy(Continual), Flip-Flop,
Triplet, Quad-let and Serpentine. Then I installed bakaplan on experimental. But there its not working. roomdetails.html page goes on loading then shows no result. Today I also started working on MySQL Connectivity.


Today, I did not do much work. Just created tables for database of BaKaPlan.


Today, I changed the look of output file of BaKaPlan with the help of all GD members present at time. Also I helped Avneet to install BaKaPlan on experimental, so that seating plan for Gate exam will be created easily.
Also I found that the problem on Exp. of BaKaPlan is because of 64 bit. So i am finding solution for that.


Today, I just planing my work to do and also created branch Testing on repository so that I can do changes in
that and If any problem occurs then this will not effect on rest of code.


Today, I am improving fields on pages. So that when user select 2 for total classes then only 2 files for that class details should come and I have to do same thing on rest of pages where required.


After changing that code, I got cgicc error am trying to solve that problem.


From last 2 days, I am getting same error and I tried a lot to solve that but solution was not working.


Today, I did work from home. I am getting error in cgicc so I take break from that and started new code to do
same thing to check where I am doing wrong. By this I will also improve my code i.e. according to Coding Standards.
I am following Google Coding Standards, C/C++ Coding Guidelines for coding standards.


Yesterday I started using Vim text editor. And I searched c.vim plugin as C++ IDE. Today, I edit that plugin according to my need. I changed its comments format so that they can be used for Doxygen.

Then I decided to remove Testing Branch as Its creating problem and also I had not updated that on GitHub also.
Now I start with Next Branch on Github under bakaplan repository. Also updating that time to time. I feel good for using Vim as its interesting.


Yesterday, I have edited plugin for vim, now I am using this. I created few files for project in vim. I have designed classes for common functions in base class and Also try to reduce duplicity.


Today Harman and Navdeep gave presentations. Both presentations were good. Navdeep gave presentation on DBMS which recall the concepts of database and it was nice discussion.


Today, I am doing coding of Bakaplan. I have created diff. classes and designed page to store total subjects in it.


Today, Inder gave presentation on Typography which was very interesting and valuable presentation. As its about text, which font style we choose in our websites. Font style is depends on content. Now I’m gonna use this in my site and also in BaKaPlan Project.


Today, I helped Avneet and Taran in there work. They want to read values from file and I give my ideas how this will be done and they implemented it. Then helped Avneet in installing Doxygen. She tried to install it through terminal but installation is stopping at one point. Then she decided to install it manually and download source of doxygen. She’s getting error of not having doxytag in bin/ folder then tried to solve this. I just copied bin/doxygen to bin/doxytag then installation is completed. Its name mistake in Makefile of doxygen source.


Today, I realized that I wasted time a lot So I decided to concentrate more on my work. As comparing last day I did more work. I designed some code Its working on my laptop but not on experimental. Then I noticed that there are some warnings while compilation and these becomes error on experimental. So I tried to solve them.


Today, I create new class MySQL for database connectivity and also created few tables for storing project name, class detals.


Today, I have removed all warnings in my code and error on Exp. are also solved. Also write code for base class ie Details which is inherited by other classes. I has definition of Header and Footer of page. Also object declaration of InputFieldNames and ReadInputFields. These objects are used for accessing field names and reading values from field.


Today, presentations were going. Me, Avneet, Vigas and Taran gave presentation on Mid Term Report. Its evaluation day of our training. Sandeep gave presentation on History of computers, its was good presentation. and then Jasleen and Harman gave presentation on CG (Computer Graphics). This was today’s best presentation and interesting too.


Today, I have changed all class names and file names to give then proper names. I used sed command for replacing string from file.

I used following command for replacing text
$ sed -i ‘s/old-string/new-string/g’ filename


Today, Enjoyed a lot in Genesis.

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