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DAILY DIARY (March-May 2013)

DD(6 months Industrial Training)

March, 2013


Today, I started with login page and also handling information in database. Login class is used to create login page and providing security to seating plan projects.


Today, I had given presentation on Doxygen. It was interesting presentation from my side. I also learn new things while preparing this presentation like we can create man pages using Doxygen.


Today, I get following errors:

  • In member function ‘std::string Database::SelectQuery(std::string, std::string)’: error: control reaches end of non-void function [-Werror=return-type]
    cc1plus: all warnings being treated as errors
    make[1]: *** [database.o] Error 1

    Its a warning and I used -Werror flag which converts all warnings into error and don’t let to compile code with warnings. I had removed this error by adding return statement in SelectQuery() function.

  • Second error was about linking ie undefined reference to files. Then I did some changes in Makefile and it worked well.


Today, I am getting error of comparison b/w signed and unsigned variables. This is solved by adding ‘unsigned’ with variable error occurs. I also learnt vectors in C++. I am also able to use them as call by reference and it worked as I need them to fulfill my requirement.


Today, I did work from home as I’m not feeling well. I learned new thing i.e. finding string in vectors using find function of algorithm header file. Also implemented in my project for comparing user email id with email id in database. This section is working fine and also updated that on experimental. Its working on exp too without any error.


I added registration and login feature in BaKaPlan. Today, I gave presentation on OOP’s using Slot Machine.


I completed with password encryption and session logging in BaKaPlan using CGI and C++.


Today, I designed logo for BaKaPlan. Then, created next pages for getting input from user and store them into database. Also writing user documentation of strategies for generating seating plan.


Today, I changed logic for checking user is registered or not as it checks for email id and logged in if password is wrong. I just added new if-else condition for checking password. I did changes in file for this.

Then, I set the value of all input field names in file. I also added logout.html page for log-out session.


In morning I had some work at home and reached TCC at 1:15 pm. Then I added functions for inserting data into tables. and database.h files are used for database connectivity.


After long time, I know why cgicc error occurs. When getElement(fieldName) function doesn’t finds field to read value then it shows error. Secondly, if we are adding any input field outside form and reading that field then also same error occurs. Today, I solved this and also write code to split string into sub-string.
SplitSubject() function is for splitting string and used that in RollNoDetail Class.


Today, I did coding for reading room details and store them into database. I almost completed front end pages for reading input details and storing them into database, only few part of room detail is left.


Today, I completed page for getting room detail from user and storing that information into database. Also edited code of registration section as condition for matching password was incorrect. I solved this issue and also able to read cookies and removing session info from database using log out page.


I’m working on strategy page and removed unwanted hidden field i.e. emailId as session problem is solved. Now I have started backend processing for expanding roll nos, arranging, sorting, etc. For this I created InputFile class which is used to create I/P files by reading data from database and each file has project Id in its filename. I am using files as I/O files at backend.


Today, I’m working on backend processing of bakaplan. I am getting error in that and now I’m finding solution for that. I created InputFile Class for creating I/P files but its not required as it can be done while reading data from I/P fields. By doing this my problem was solved.


Today, I completed front end connectivity with database and back-end working of BaKaPlan. Although their are some limitations but I will remove them too.


Today, I made new function for creating a unique project name and store that in database. Each user will create new project with unique name.


Today, I am creating simple example for using Makefile, Doxygen and also writing GD coding standards.


I did wireframing of BaKaPlan’s layout and changed code of input flow. Also using swSMTP C++ library for sending mails to user.


Today, I’m working on input work flow of BaKaPlan. As now I am adding Date sheet and generating seating plan according to that.


Today, I changed I/P flow BaKaPlan. Firstly user select total branches/trades/classes for seating plan then he/she will fill branch/trade details. After that fill subject codes, roll no for each trade and then fill date sheet for seating plan. After this, he/she will fill room details which include total centres, rooms, room nos, and rows and columns in each room.


Today, I discuss problem with sir and all about work flow of seating plan. The code will be changed for adding date sheet section and I am doing that.


I create small example of sending email link to user after registration. I will add this in BaKaPlan. I used jwSMTP library in C++ for sending mails.

April, 2013


Today, I did coding of backend processing. I created classes for reading input files and then expanding roll no, sorting them and removing rollno which are not required for seating plan.


Today, I did work from home. For adding datesheet content in bakaplan, I created Datesheet class which reads datesheet and add roll nos with exam code in datesheet. O/P of these functions will written in datesheet.out file. Also completed the rest of code i.e. class for generating seating plan and Strategy class for checking that selected strategy is valid or not.


I completed back-end processing of seating plan and working on front-end for taking I/P from user through browser.


Today, I redesigned database of bakaplan and created tables for that. Also created class Database for database connectivity and different function for inserting data into tables.


I completed Login and Registration part of bakaplan. For sending mail i used jwSMTP Library of C++ for confirming mail.


Today, I created classes for different pages like ClassDetail for reading class information from user through browser. Also included function for adding new project for seating plan and using existing project for creating seating plan.


Today, I added javascript functions for adding rows in table for taking class details. Also installed TCC automation software and understanding its working.


Today, I helped Sandeep for adding details in database of TCC Automation software and created client register for displaying user detatils from database.


Today, I write functions to read I/P details and store then into database. I completed class detail and roll no detail part.


Today, I created payment register for TCC automation. Also completed datasheet page for bakaplan. This is for taking I/P from user and saving roll no detail into database.


Today, I improved the code to solve problem of saving details of new project and old project.


Today, i created room detail page for taking I/P from user and created a function of javascript for adding row in table. This func is for room, exam and strategy detail table only.


Today, I did coding of bakaplan, created func. for room detail, corrected ReadRoomDetail func. Also worked on TCC Automation, added data in database.


Today, I completed the forms for taking i/p from user and then write that i/p detail into files. Then that I/P files are used to generate seating plan. These I/P details also store in database.


I combined backend code with frontend of bakaplan. Backend code means reading I/P files and then generate seating plan, read validation file and display that detail on browser. If condition for room and strategy is valid seat plan will be generated.


Today, I gave presentation on bakaplan as launch day but due to some errors release of s/w is postponed.


Today, I helped Sandy in her work and exploring server side validations in C++ using CGI.


I did not work much, just prepared presentation on Virtual Classroom with the help of GD members.

25-4-2013 – 26-4-2013

Created performa bill register and solved some TCC automation issues.


I did changes in BaKaPlan, added javascript functions for calender, improved add/delete row functions, removed project type option for new user.

May 2013

1-5-2013 – 6-5-2013

Preparing GSoC Proposal, changing user guide, adding validation for bakaplan. I have installed Ubuntu 13.04, so reinstalling BaKaPlan and listing all requirements for bakaplan. That improves my user guide and instructions for installation of BaKaPlan. Also doing TCC Automation work, solving issues in bill performa, client and payment register, Sandy helped me in that.


In BaKaPlan, I have added validations on login, register, project detail pages. I’m using validate.js file for client side validations. Also solving error on backend.


Today, I worked on validations for BaKaPlan. Fixing js error on class detail page.


Today, I have not done much work of bakaplan as we are making presentation on ICT and Road Safety.


Today, I did changes in Readme and installation instructions. I’m working on validations of BaKaPlan, also removed error while generating seating plan but few changes left.

14-5-2013 – 17-5-2013

In these days, We are making presentation on ICT and Road Safety. I’m trying cppcms for form validations on server side, created doc for BaKaPlan and handover my project to Avneet.


Today, I did changes in BaKaPlan like changed room details format, added recover password option, created table for Valid Strategy details to remove error on validation page.


Today, I removed bugs of bakaplan, also added add more rooms option.

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