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DAILY DIARY (Jan, 2013)

DD(6 months Industrial Training)

January, 2013

3-1-2013 to 4-1-2013

Today, I did change in code of seating Plan Project. I had added report generation code which creates o/p files of seat plan. Check link for code: report.h,, report_main.cpp are the files that generate o/p files of seat plan. After this I added code for Branch report in which details of roll no w.r.t rooms are shown.


Today, I explained Makefile to available GD members. It was good discussion and I again recall my concept of make command. Makefile is not only used for c++ programs. It can be used for any purpose i.e. where commands are executed in terminal.


Today, I was improving the code of Seating Plan. Its not completed yet. Check improved code: And then I have assigned task to study Vikas sir’s Building Script. For that I ¬†installed FreeCAD using following command in terminal $ sudo apt-get install freecad


Today, I started with CAD Scripts written by Vikas Mahajan. I downloaded code from CAD Scripts automates a range of CAD tasks. It includes text_to_dxf for drawing figures in DXF format by specifying co-ordinates in an input text file. I used QCAD for viewing DXF Files generated by CAD Scripts as O/P. But its giving following error in QCAD: Cannot open file ‘/home/mandy/Documents/ext/CAD files/butterfly.dxf’. Please check your access rights, the file format and file extension. Then I install BricsCAD for viewing that files. It shows some error. BricsCAD is the powerful CAD software platform unifying the familiar feature set of native dwg with advanced 2D tools and intelligent 3D direct modeling on Windows and Linux, and this at a compelling price. Then I tried LibreCAD and DXF format is opened in that. After that Sir told me following things to do:

  • Understand the Input files given in CAD Scripts.This is done.
  • Compare to .dxf files using diff command. In this I have to create two files, one is empty .dxf and another contains line in it. Then compare them and create script to draw line in .dxf file.
  • Study of specification of DXF files.
  • After all these thing I have to create script which will create circle(without using lines method)


In morning I was preparing for presentation on Seating Plan. Then I started comparing 2 dxf files. but not getting that. In evening I gave presentation. Link of presentation: It was good and has limitations in project. Limitations like which I have to remove:

  • Format of subject code in file.
  • User Interface for project.
  • Creating report with proper details.

Then I modify css in my website ( I use sample css form refinery blog demo application. It’s available at


Today, I was designing rough layout of seating plan’s GUI. I follow some links to start that and also use tools for designing layouts.


Today, I improved code of seating plan project. And take views from GD members and Sir about layout of seating plan. Here’s 1st option for layout.


Today, I added code for handling rollnos including alphabets. and also design layout (wireframe) for 2nd open for seating plan. 16-1-2013 Today, I did coding for seating plans webpage. Also improve code in Seat Plan. I added code for handling multiple subject designs.


Today, I did not do much work as presentations were going. Starting with Navdeep’s presentation on her project and then Vigas’s presentation on vim editor. Both presentations were good. Modified code of seating plan(till subject-wise-rollno. process):


Today, started with Navdeep’s presentation on her project. Then I did coding for front end for SeatPlan Project. I use CGI for that web designing. Code for front-end:


Today, I take leave from college as I have some personal work. I did my work from home. I added next pages for Seating Plan. Also add function to read branch details and create file of that details.


Today, I added code for taking Room and Roll No. details from user using CGI(Common Gateway Interface). Then code to read details and create files.


Yesterday, I was getting error that object is taking large size(Not exact error). But this was solved as it is due to multilevel inheritance(I guess). Today, I have to release that project but due to errors it’s not possible. Segmentation error is coming while executing the code. This problem is not solved but I’ll do it soon.


Today, Me and Inder finding error in code of seating plan. Firstly we started with gdb G++ Debugger for debugging the code and finding error from code. Its showing error on same line. Then we divide the code into different parts and we found the error’s part. Then we use Valgrind to solve error. Using valgrind, It shows following message: ==5329== Warning: client switching stacks? SP change: 0xbea87ea4 –> 0xb68bfef0 ==5329== to suppress, use: –max-stackframe=136085428 or greater ==5329== Invalid write of size 4 ==5329== at 0x804EF33: main (subject-wise-rollno-main.cpp:4) ==5329== Address 0xbea87e9c is on thread 1’s stack ==5329== ==5329== Invalid write of size 4 ==5329== at 0x804EF40: main (subject-wise-rollno-main.cpp:7) ==5329== Address 0xb68bfef0 is on thread 1’s stack ==5329== and so on. At last we change the size of array in declaration and that worked. We all are happy that problem is solved.


Today, I solved the subject wise error which comes at the time of presentation on 22nd Jan, Its because of giving wrong value to total_code variable in file. Then I got an idea to solve segmentation error. Although its temporary but I am doing it for launch of 1st version of BaKaPlan.


Today, I did final touches to BakaPlan for its 1st release Beta version. It is possible due to my friends who helped me. Specially Inder who made landing page of BaKaPlan and also helps me to solve segmentation fault error. Its really nice. Also thanks to Rai sir for giving me chance to develop this software. Although there are some limitations in this project but we releases it as BaKaPlan Beta version. Here’s link to project.


Yesterday, Baka Plan project was released. I am really very happy for that. Its beta version, so I am doing some changes in that. Its also available on Link:


Today, Started with Harman’s presentations and then Sandeep’s presenation on their projects. And I started working on Bakaplan’s Version 0.6. I have added User guide, Installation instructions. Did some changes in landing page of bakaplan.


Today I improved user guide and also removed bug in bakaplan. Also removed the issue of using make 2 times while installation. Now user has to run make on at once.


Today, I did changes in user documentation for bakaplan and also trying to improve the layout of bakaplan.


Today, I have started wiki for bakaplan and also change installation and requirements section in README File. Inder created landing page for bakaplan.


Today, I have added history of bakaplan and changed some requirements section in readme file. I am also trying to use Bootstrap but look is not improved with that.

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