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Fedena, An Opensource (And Free) School Management System

School management software systems in India are archaic (just the way our education system is) and most of these software are developed by fly-by-night operators who really do a crappy job of building such a software (and charge a bomb to schools).

At the core, schools need to really adapt latest software which can help them improve productivity (many big schools in Bangalore still store student data in Microsoft excel).

Fedena is set to change the scene with its open source school management software, developed on RoR framework. Developed by Bangalore based Foradian Technologies, Fedena can be used as:

  • Student Information System (SIS)
  • School Management software
  • School ERP
  • Campus Management software
  • Student records system
  • Student management system
  • School software
  • E-learning system

Fedena Admin Screen

Fig : Dashboard of Fedena Admin

Benefits to schools:

  • Available in chosen language.[Ex: Kannada, Tamil, Spansh]
  • Easy tracking of students and Employees
  • Easy way for TC generation and Transfer of Batch
  • Time table generation and Examination creation
  • Analyzing student’s performance and attendance
  • Various student and staff reports [based on different category, religion, blood group, caste, DOB and many other filters]
  • Easy Attendance Marking and Attendance reports
  • All the historical records of a student available easily
  • Helps in sending data to UID project
  • As the entire data is online and secure, any analysis can be done at any desired point of time.
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