Vim as your C/C++ IDE using c.vim Plugin

c.vim : C/C++ IDE


  • Statement oriented editing of C / C++ programs.
  • Speed up writing new code considerably.
  • Write code und comments with a professional appearance from the beginning.
  • Use code snippets


Dowload c.vim 6.0

I have edited this plugin according to Doxygen comments for C/C++ Coding. I you want that then you can download it from here.


Open terminal and follow steps.

$ mkdir ~/.vim

$ cd ~/.vim

$ unzip /path/to/

Enable the plugin by adding the following line in ~/.vimrc file.

filetype plugin on

Also check HotKeys for c.vim plugin

Your plugin is installed. Have fun.

6 Replies to “Vim as your C/C++ IDE using c.vim Plugin”

    1. Thanks for reblog this post.

  1. You missed one command before $ cd ~/.vim
    $ mkdir ~/.vim

    1. Yes, If anyone don’t have that directory in home then create that.

  2. Le sujet est intéressant! ou puis-je trouver des informations complémentaires?

    1. Plus d’informations sur quoi? Êtes-vous en mesure d’installer et de l’utiliser?

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